Your body can tell you it’s time to drink, but it can’t tell you what to drink

Some drinks will boost you. Some will relax you. Some will simply satisfy your natural desire for sweetness – with or without calories. Some will even help increase energy, performance and well-being.

Tudor Rose International work with a number of Brand Owners offering a range of hot beverages including Kenco coffee, L’or coffee,  Typhoo Tea, Heath and Heather Tea.

With the recent attainment of Bonded Warehouse status, we are now able to offer a wide range of both alcoholic and soft drinks. We now offer a exciting portfolio of Craft Beers & Ales, Ciders, Spirits, Alcohol & Pre mixes, Carbonates, Functional drinks, Energy drinks and Cordial & Concentrate drinks.

Please feel free to either contact your account manager at Tudor Rose International or email for more information and our latest drinks portfolio.