Your body can tell you it’s time to drink, but it can’t tell you what to drink

Tudor Rose – New Drinks Website


Some drinks will boost you. Some will relax you. Some will simply satisfy your natural desire for sweetness – with or without calories. Some will even help increase energy, performance and well-being.

Tudor Rose International work with a number of Brand Owners offering a range of hot beverages including Kenco coffee, L’or coffee,  Typhoo Tea, Heath and Heather Tea.

With the recent attainment of Bonded Warehouse status, we are now able to offer a wide range of both alcoholic and soft drinks. We now offer a exciting portfolio of Craft Beers & Ales, Ciders, Spirits, Alcohol & Pre mixes, Carbonates, Functional drinks, Energy drinks and Cordial & Concentrate drinks.

Please feel free to either contact your account manager at Tudor Rose International or email for more information and our latest drinks portfolio.