Katy joins the TRIbe!

In February 2018, Katy joined the Tribe as Regional Manager for Europe

Katy Morgan-Mageste joined us from Premier Foods Group where she was part of the International Supply Chain Team. Managing the Australia cake business & other key export markets, she was also involved in demand and logistics planning. She is fluent in Portuguese having spent several years living in Brazil and teaching English as a second language.

We asked Katy few questions to get to know a bit more about joining the TRIbe;

What attracted you to Tudor Rose International?

Having worked with Tudor Rose as a customer whilst at Premier, it always seemed like a great company to work for! I wanted the challenge of working for a purely export company where I could build on my international supply chain experience and gain a lot of new skills.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Having worked for a brand, I am looking forward to seeing things from the other side and developing close relationships with brands to help them grow. I am also looking forward to learning about different markets and how they work in greater depth.

What celebrity would you most like to work with and why?

I think Richard Branson would be a great person to work with, he has built up so many different businesses whilst retaining such a strong global brand. He doesn’t seem intimidated to try anything, even space travel!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to travel whenever I have spare time and money! I also really enjoy cooking and relaxing with a good book.

What was your first ever job?

I was a hairdresser’s assistant at 14 which involved lots of washing hair and coffee making!

What is your motto in life?

Never to let fear of failure stop you from trying to achieve something. You’ll regret what you didn’t do so take risks and always say yes to good opportunities.