The Growth Hub

On Friday 10th May we had a visit from Ross Jukes from The Growth Hub.  He brought with him a film crew and interviewed our Managing Director, Chris Couzins-Short.  Over the last few years, Tudor Rose International has received support from The Growth Hub with training and funding and the service they provide is invaluable.

Ross (and the Camera Crew!) took the opportunity to sample some samples of the brands from our alcohol portfolio and had a tour of the premises.  We look forward to sharing the finished film.

Tudor Rose Presented Drinks Portfolio at ProwWein

After the success of last year’s show, Tudor Rose International again showed its premium drinks portfolio at ProWein, the world’s leading trade show for wine and spirits. Running from March 17-19, this year’s ProWein was a great opportunity to sample some of the finest and most innovative products across the alcohol category, and there was no better place to visit than the Tudor Rose International stand. As well as our core products from Wadworth Brewery, Kestrel Lager and Sheppy’s Cider, we were proud to welcome a brand new range of products to delight potential customers. Last year over 60,000 visitors attended the fair to sample a wide variety of products from 64 countries. As part of the show’s innovative approach, ProWein’s ‘same but different’ event was focused on beer, cider and spirits. This event, took place in its own hall during the show and was so successful that they increased the space available for the 2019 edition. As part of Tudor Rose International’s premium drinks offering, we showed a wide range of products from our range across multiple categories such as traditional British beer, craft cider, artisanal spirits and accompanying mixers, thirst-quenching lager, as well as a distinctive wine portfolio to meet any selection needs.
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Tudor Rose Visits Iberia

On Sunday 25th November Rocio arrived in Lisbon and prepared for her Monday meeting.

Monday Rocio went to visit our customers. Jordan’s market share is divided between two of our main clients. It is curious to see how both distributors coexist in the same Hyper-market in different areas of interest (mass market & Healthy). One customer distributes Billingtons and launched Everfresh in Portugal this year with an opportunity to see Everfresh in the market, the potential is real. After her meeting she went to visit a few stores to see our products on the shelves.

Tuesday Another one of our customers picked Rocio up and took her on more store tour. Again one of our main clients is East Coast Bakehouse & Cadbury distributor. As well, this was her first opportunity to see ECB on shelf which, to be honest, made her so proud of the job that we all do together in TRI! ECB sales at the moment are slow but steady and sold in around 30 POS and planning to be in around 50 in H1-2019.

One of our customers have done a brilliant job with Cadbury considering all the challenges in 2018. They grow the Milk Fingers a 69% comparing with 2017.

Wednesday was Rocio’s last day in Lisbon and her chance to visit another clients Offices who distributes Ryvita, Baxters, Sharwoods & Colmans.

Thursday morning Rocio was met by one of our clients who was waiting for her at the reception of my hotel in Madrid. They took her to 5 different stores from south to north of Madrid. They are looking to grow Cadbury and perhaps other brands.

Friday was the last day of Rocio’s trip. The most unexpected day and the most rewarding of all of them. She visited another one our customers mainland office in Spain. Their project started 3 years ago distributing some wine and spirits and they are growing since then. The best moment of the whole meeting was when they confirmed that they will be presenting in January, East Coast Bakehouse, to different retail buyers.

The conclusion is that Portugal and Spain are price promotion markets. Everywhere you go you find 3×2, or second unit 50%, or 20% discount, etc. Marketing investment has to be huge if you want to be competitive on shelf. In terms of Brands, Milka is everywhere creating a massive disadvantage for Cadbury. We still have lots of things to do and a whole year to check how our sales strategy is working!

Letter From America 2019

We have invested a lot of our time on trying to establish a new route-to-market in the USA for our Drinks portfolio. It’s fair to say that nothing has gone quite as smoothly as planned and generally taken twice as long as we expected. However, with correctly labelled product in warehouses, state registrations all in place and Distributors at the starting line, we felt it was now the time to go and judge the progress for ourselves.
John was met by Matt and Mike following morning – our two consultants who have been leading the project. After a huge breakfast accompanied by a ‘French Toast Latte’ (the Cracker Barrell special) we went straight into the Marketplace. I have to say it was incredibly uplifting to go into stores and find both 6X and Kestrel available and in most cases, well displayed. We are currently in over 40 stores in the independent sector but some of the stores were extremely large-scale. We have definitely arrived.
The following day we met a company with Michael Kain, the founder of 6 o’clock Gin. The company are a multi-million Beverage Distributor and their facilities are incredible. We were able to present the entire Tudor Rose range and also allow Michael to take the Team through 6 o’clock in more detail. Overall we presented to over 50 Field Force Sales Reps. TRI are Supplier of the Month for March and April which is a huge coup for us and shows the interest that exists in import brands with a strong proposition. This company were incredibly generous with their time and the focus they gave us. We visited a number of outlets with them and got some great feedback on Kestrel in the bars we sampled it in. This is a really important relationship for us going forward.We had further positive meetings in Syracuse where we secured an order from another major Distributor and visited a number of Retailers before heading to Boston. John enjoyed his views of this part of America that he’d not visited previously.

Tudor Rose Exhibits at Gulfood 2019

The annual pilgrimage to Gulfoods commenced a little early this year. The trip proved to be extremely insightful for both those who was undertaking her first visit to the Middle East. It was then on to Dubai and after a busy day setting up the stand and conducting market visits it was time for an early night before the show started the next day. As always the show went in a blink of an eye but some highlights include gathering 40 sales leads, 10 new brand owners, plus 15 meetings with current customers and brand owners. It should be noted that our current customers and brand owners were very complimentary about TRI and view us as long term partners. After the show we went on to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to spend a couple of days with one of our customers, our ECB and Organix partner. This was a very interesting couple of days, speaking to people in store about consumer feedback, working with the sales managers in market, understanding our customer’s capabilities, meeting the heads of the two largest retailers in Saudi.

Sheppy’s Cider Launches in India

To coincide with the official launch of Sheppy’s Cider in India, David Sheppy accompanied Martin Golding on a market visit to Mumbai in early December 2018.Our partner in India has already secured around 140 locations in Mumbai to sell Sheppy’s including prestigious bars, hotels and restaurants and it was great to see the drink featured on menus and bar marketing materials. We were also able to sample it alongside local dishes and it made a surprisingly refreshing accompaniment to curry and Asian dishes – take note UK!David had several interviews for local media and PR as well as a photo shoot for Verve Magazine an online publication with a readership of our target audience which is very much younger affluent women in India (many men still prefer spirits or stronger beers).The main event was held at the Deputy High Commissioners Residence where a number of influencers, bloggers, media specialists or just the great and good of Mumbai attended. The innovative Sheppy’s ‘cocktails’ proved a surprise hit with everyone and the new product – Sheppy’s Reserve 200 was also launched and is just about to arrive in market on the most recent container.Next steps are to launch outside of Maharashtra into Bangalore and Goa as we look to pioneer and capitalise on the currently emerging cider sector in the Indian Market.

Tudor Rose Goes to ISM Germany 2019

Would you like to try the best biscuits in the world?’ said the man with the strong Dublin accent, to the Managing director of Burtons Biscuits. The man from Burtons didn’t really know what to say. This is just one episode in a very (some might say very very) busy few days for Sarah, Rocio, Barry and Phil helping to man the ECB stand at ISM in Cologne Germany alongside our ECB cousins.
It all started rather early on a dark Saturday morning in mid-January, after a straight forward journey to Cologne and an even easier stand set up, the team retired early to their beds with anticipation, excitement and a little Germany beer running through their tummies ready for ISM 2019.
The next day is something of a blur, a whirlwind off telling customers to try the ‘best biscuits in the world’ or that ‘the brand has launched in to 23 markets in less than twelve months’ of meeting people who spoke Arabic, Spanish, Danish, Chinese and in the case of some Australians almost English. At the work show brief, we managed to muster enough energy to count our leads, over 40 on day one alone, at this rate it was hard to tell what would finish first, potential customers or our feet.Thus the scene had been set for the following three days. With time seeming to pass impossibly fast, and lead sheets bulging out of the folder, so much so, that it was almost impossible to remember them all. By the end of the debrief, as we all sat around, pretending not to be exhausted we counted, 90 leads came and went, 100 leads came and went, then we hit 120 leads in four days. With the real work yet to come in the follow up, it dawned on us all, that TRI truly is selling the best biscuits in the world!

Tudor Rose Visits the Caribbean


Many of us are envious of Adriana’s market visits to the Caribbean and Americas region. As with all trips they are busy and demanding and probably need the most internal flights of any region. After visiting Central America and South America in March and May 2018 respectively, Adriana went to the Caribbean late July to visit our key and top customers in Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad. Overall, it was an interesting visit some really good new opportunities on the horizon. During her visit, Adriana took the opportunity to meet again a couple of contacts made in May: to discuss Colman’s and St Marche to present the samples they have requested. In addition to these, another customer in Brazil introduced Adriana to another retailer in Sao Paulo, which has increased the odds of growing our current presence in Brazil.